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Create your own unique and individual Made to Order or Custom Tailored Clothing
Tweed or Wool Jackets, Wool Suits, Waistcoats, Trousers, Shooting Jackets and Breeks
Tailored from a wide range
of British Tweeds, Wool, Corduroy, Moleskin, Cotton and Linen Cloths
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Loch Lomond
White Rose Saxony Tweeds

We source the finest quality Cloth and Materials available from the
United Kingdom
and Europe.

The majority of our customers are from Europe and the USA but we are also becoming increasingly popular Worldwide.

Whatever your climate we can find the right cloth and styling for you.


New Bookster Hacking Jacket in Magnus Tweed
Bookster Tailoring

In 2007 we launched tweed-jacket.com to introduce our
Original Range of Tweed Jackets.
Due to customer demand we have included a wider range of garments;
Suits in both Tweed and Wool Cloths, Tweed Shooting Jackets,
Breeks, Trousers and Waistcoats.

We have attracted a wide range of customers of all ages to create
individual, classic and contemporary garments of quality.
Please browse our website where you can order garments that
you will enjoy wearing and fit you well.


Choose your cloth from a tasteful selection of traditional 100% Wool
Scottish and British Tweed or
Suitings in Worsted Wool, Flannel, Mohair and Linen.
Cloth samples can be ordered from our Cloth Gallery

Choose from 3 Jacket and Blazer Models in a variety of Styles.
Hacking / Sport Jacket, Classic Jacket and Shooting Jacket.
Pair up with Trousers or Breeks with features of your choice to make a 
2 Piece Suit and you can add a Waistcoat for a 3 Piece Suit. Whether it be a Tweed Jacket or Country Suit or an Elegant Luxury Wool Business Suit,
we can tailor your chosen preferences.
Moleskin, Corduroy and Cotton Twill Trousers, Waistcoats and Jackets
also made for you to help create your distinctive look.

We offer
3 Tailoring Choices:
Made to Order Online
Custom Made Online
Made to Measure
by Appointment or Consultation


Choose your individual style features, lining and trim from the website.


Our comprehensive sizing guide shows actual garment measurements and recommended body measurements for each size.

The majority of our customers have ordered successfully online using our
drop down menu and tick box order forms.
Should you need it, personal advice is always available.
See our How to Order page

Our website has been designed for you to enjoy your own personal tailoring service, online from your home or office. However, whether you choose a
3 Piece Custom Suit, a Tweed Shooting Suit, Tweed Jacket
or simply a pair of Cotton Trousers,
we are here to advise you.

We are also able to offer a fitting service for Made to Measure and
Full Bespoke in Leeds or London by appointment.
Groom Suits and Wedding Parties a Speciality
Please Contact us for details.
Bookster Tailoring, Prestige Court, Beza Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS10 2BD, England, United Kingdom.  Tel: +44 (0)113 887 8424
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